Reasons that make Ibaraki the Best Place to hold Pre-Games Training Camps

Ibaraki Prefecture is adjacent to Tokyo Metropolitan Area and not only being within easy access of foreign countries but being proud of very easy access from the Athletic Facilities in Ibaraki to Tokyo.  In addition, Ibaraki has a refreshing climate, a rich natural environment, abundant foods and ample sporting facilities which are suited for pre-games training, so we can surely welcome you with our best training camps environments.

The best attractive point is Easy Access

Ibaraki Prefecture is located approximately 35 to 160km northeast of Tokyo. It takes about one hour from heart of Tokyo to Ibaraki’s capital city of Mito via Japan Railways, and 45 minutes from Akihabara to the cutting edge science and technology city of Tsukuba via Tsukuba Express. Also, there are four expressways in Ibaraki, e.g. the Joban, the Kita-Kanto, the Higashi-Kanto and the Ken-o Expressway. So it takes only 90 minutes from Narita International Airport to Mito. Furthermore, the Ibaraki Airport also offers direct access from overseas to Ibaraki.

Adjacent to Tokyo and Narita International Airport

From Tokyo to Mito      →     60min
From Narita International Airport to Mito     →     90min

Refreshing Climate best suited for Pre-Games Training

Blessed with refreshing and comfortable climate through a whole year, the yearly averaged temperature of Ibaraki is approximately 14℃. Furthermore the average temperature during the session of the Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games, from June through August, of Mito in Ibaraki is 20 to 25℃ and that of Tokyo is 21 to 26℃.  The climate condition of Mito is similar to that of Tokyo, thus Ibaraki is best suited for Pre-Games Training.

Average temperature in June through August

Mito  :  20 to 25℃
Tokyo  :  21 to 26℃

Ibaraki, the place blessed with a Rich Natural Environment

Ibaraki has a long coastline facing the Pacific Ocean and a 1,000m class mountain range in the north. Ibaraki is blessed with a vast and fertile plain stretching from the center  to the south region. With places like Mt. Tsukuba and Lake Kasumigaura, it is rich in both aquatic and land environments. As Ibaraki is blessed with a rich natural environment and refreshing air, it is best suited for pre-games training.

Ibaraki, a truly Edible Treasure-Trove

Ibaraki also has a prominent agricultural, fishery and livestock industry. It is the number one supplier of fruits and vegetables on the Tokyo market. In particular, Ibaraki has a large variety of melons, which are very popular for their sweetness and succulence. In the livestock industry, Ibaraki’s Hitachi beef has a reputation for being very tender and delicious. Ibaraki’s ocean is a favorable fishing area where a variety of marine products including mackerel, sardines, flatfish can be caught.


Ibaraki’s Wonderful Sporting Facilities

In 2019, Japan’s largest sports festivals, the National Sports Festival of Japan and the National Para-Sports Festival of Japan, will be held in Ibaraki. Thus we are going to improve many sporting facilities in Ibaraki. So we believe you can enjoy fruitful pre-games training at various facilities, not only the ones which meet the international requirements, but also dozens of facilities in Ibaraki Prefecture.