Privacy policy




( hereinafter, called “the Web site”), regarding personal information gathering, using, providing and managing, we will try to treat them properly based on the Ibaraki Prefecture Personal Information Protection Ordinance and to make the Web site reliable for everyone. 


Personal information

“Personal information” means your addresses, names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. provided for Ibaraki Prefecture through the Web site, which could be used to identify an individual. 


Personal information gathering

When we gather personal information through the Web site, it should be provided based on users’ own volition in principle. Also, we will gather personal information after making the purposes clear and within the extent necessary to achieve the purposes.
In addition, we will obtain the personal information to be made public on the Web site after making it clear.


Access log information

When you visit the Web site, we automatically record your information as the access log.  
It includes users’ IP addresses, browsers type, domain names, time and frequency of access, etc. Access log information will be used only for administration and maintenance of our services and never be used for other purposes.



We might use cookies to collect access information. Cookies are small information which the Web site sends to users’ browsers and they might be stored in users’ hard disks as   files. The Web site can record which pages the users visited by using cookies.
The information obtained by using cookies is processed statistically as the aggregated information and we might go public the aggregated information, but it doesn’t include the information to identify an individual.


Restriction on the personal information use

We will use the gathered information within the extent necessary to achieve the purposes which we made clear beforehand. We don’t use or provide the personal information for any purposes other than those specified without the consent of the users themselves. However, certain cases defined in Personal Information Protection Ordinance are excluded as exceptions.

Personal information management  

We will strictly manage the gathered personal information and take proper measures to protect the leakage, improper appropriation and manipulation of it and try to keep its correctness.